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Rockin' OUT

Inspiring students and the community of the Seattle Metropolitan area with engaging earth-science education 

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Working through the Earth and Space Sciences department at the University of Washington, Rockin' Out is a K-12 educational outreach group. We promote and inspire students and the community to learn about Earth's rocks, glaciers, streams, earthquakes, climate, and more!


We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to learn about the world around them. We also believe that learning should be fun! Our engaging earth-science education aims to inspire curiosity and motivate young people to find and pursue their passions in science.

We welcome new and experienced people into our program, promote an inclusive environment for all, and continually transform our programming to meet these goals.


Rockin' Out is a K-12 volunteer-based outreach program at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington (UW).


Our team consists of UW undergraduate and graduate student volunteers. We bring our lessons to schools in the greater Seattle area and host school groups on campus. Our lessons include hands-on demos about topics related to all things earth and space that we run.

Topics we love to share include earthquakes, geomorphology, glaciers, climate, and rocks and minerals.


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